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Welcome: Project Manager

The Serpent OS team wishes to formally welcome Aydemir Ulaş Şahin to the core team in the primary capacity of Project Manager. Aydemir will help us to coordinate and manage the project goals and infrastructure, being responsible for certain "keys to the kingdom".

Aydemir has extensive experience with Linux, both as a user and developer, having worked in the media industry for many years. Additionally he will be contributing to the core system, code and packaging.

Our initial trio has been announced, and you can always access information on the current team at the new Team page. Now that much of our groundwork has been laid, we can get on with building the project. Check progress at the new Roadmap page.

Welcome Peter

Recently we did reveal on Twitter that long time friend and colleague-of-many-projects, Peter O'Connor, has formally joined the core team for Serpent OS. Many of you know him as sunnyflunk. He will be working on core toolchain optimisations, benchmarking, and eventually Plasma inclusion.

Peter has long wanted to get the most out of his computing experience, starting from Gentoo back in the 2000's to ensure there was no wasted resources on features he didn't use. The desire to over-tinker and use unstable software often led to poor outcomes. While the itch laid dormant for over a decade, it has always been there.



We'd like to officially extend our welcome to Peter, as the ramp up gets in place. It should be noted, he is partly to blame for Serpent OS becoming manifest, as the core team got together after discussions on IRC. He has some fantastic ideas, and is a brilliant distribution engineer with proven success.

As an aside, we're working on improving the website to incorporate a team page, ready for the third team member reveal.

The Great Experiment

So as many have come to realise, we had to rush out a website super quick yesterday as the cat was already out of the bag. One thing that should also be clarified, is our approach to development.

We're A Lab

Primarily (but not exclusively) Serpent OS (future: Serpent Linux) is an endeavour worked on by the Lispy Snake, Ltd crew. So we're all about creating awesome technology and trying to further the playing field.

Serpent OS is not, however, owned by Lispy Snake. It is a contributor-based open source project, with specific roles. Those will be clarified over the coming week, but there is a dedicated Project Manager. Hint: It's not me.

Measuring Success

So, how does an experimental project.. measure success? Quite simply - if others adopt our methodologies or technology, we've succeeded. We're really not looking at "number of installs" or "size of userbase" as a metric, as our chief aim is to build technology.

Options for Longevity

If the experiment is a success, which of course means having tight controls on scope and timescale, then one would assume the primary way to use Serpent OS would be through some downstream repackaging or reconfiguration, i.e. basing upon the project, to meet specific user demand.

It Should Be Fun

This is the heart and soul of all Linux development. Developers should enjoy the involvement and seeing the end result. If we build something more in the end, then that's a journey we can create together.

First Post

In a nutshell, this post wasn't meant to be coming out for a few weeks. As it turns out, we had to get ahead of the cat coming out of the bag, and ensure clarity of goals and ambition.

We've got an awful lot of work ahead of us across the next few months and weeks, and we strongly suggest checking out the About page which should answer most questions.

TL;DR This is not your typical user-facing Linux distribution.

So go ahead, check out the About page.

Posts will follow in the coming weeks, introducing the core team. It should be pointed out, internally, we're in a stage1 bootstrap phase, with stage2 ready. Tooling is next on the agenda.

If you're looking for a modern, lightweight, user-friendly, privacy-focused Linux desktop distribution, then you're in the wrong place.

Otherwise, stay tuned for the updates. We know our website is insanely basic, but it will be improved when it becomes a priority. You're more than welcome to join us on #serpentOS on freenode to become part of the community discussion in the mean time.

Til next time.