Serpent OS strives to provide the perfect hybrid experience - a traditional, package management driven Linux® distribution powered by the latest technologies. Stateless by design with atomic updates at the core, Serpent OS aims to close the gap between development and production.

Whether you're a Linux® professional or a home user, Serpent OS has something for you. With deduplicated on-disk transactions, the last working version of your system is only a reboot away. Any freshly installed software is immediately available giving you the flexibility of traditional package management and the peace of mind of atomic updates.

The project is in a highly active stage of development, having achieved full bootstrap with the LLVM toolchain and integration of our home grown tooling, boulder and moss.

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Goals! What's it all about, really?


Our Smart System Management takes care of Serpent OS while you sit back and relax.


Pushing the limits of what's possible by making binaries more efficient in all configurations.


A fun and welcoming environment for users, contributors and the team.


Built on top of the robust Linux kernel. Our mission is to keep you running without the hassle.


Empowering users to make their own decisions, without getting in their way.


Serpent OS will always be free to download and use. This extends to all of the tools we use to build the project.