Welcome Peter

Monday, July 6, 2020 - Ikey Doherty (BDFL)

Recently we did reveal on Twitter that long time friend and colleague-of-many-projects, Peter O’Connor, has formally joined the core team for Serpent OS. Many of you know him as sunnyflunk. He will be working on core toolchain optimisations, benchmarking, and eventually Plasma inclusion.

Peter has long wanted to get the most out of his computing experience, starting from Gentoo back in the 2000’s to ensure there was no wasted resources on features he didn’t use. The desire to over-tinker and use unstable software often led to poor outcomes. While the itch laid dormant for over a decade, it has always been there.

There's not much about Linux that currently excites me, but I've always wanted to see what's possible with a full LLVM/Clang stack. There's never been a better time to find out, but it can be difficult to push the envelope when limited with backwards compatibility and supporting older CPU architectures. After experimenting with some tool-chain customisations the chance to test them out more broadly and with a new tool-chain was too hard to pass up. This is the research project I've always wanted to undertake and looking forward to using it as my daily driver

Peter O'Connor (sunnyflunk)

We’d like to offically extend our welcome to Peter, as the ramp up gets in place. It should be noted, he is partly to blame for Serpent OS becoming manifest, as the core team got together after discussions on IRC. He has some fantastic ideas, and is a brilliant distribution engineer with proven success.

As an aside, we’re working on improving the website to incorporate a team page, ready for the third team member reveal.