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The March Of Progress

Despite a brief excursion out of the country for a first-in-a-lifetime holiday, I'm happily back at the desk to bring you up to date with the latest goings in Serpent OS. TLDR: Loads of awesome, baremetal is enabled, ISO cycle in next couple of weeks.

GNOME on Serpent OS

End of February Update

This update came a little later in the month, as we've got a lot of exciting news to share. Everything from boulder in Rust, to the GNOME 45 Desktop complete with moss triggers built atop a rebootstrapped toolchain.

Rusty Boulder

We're pleased to announce that over the course of this weekend, once testing has completed we'll deploy the latest version of boulder, our packaging build tool. This has been given the Rust treatment, directly sharing the codebase with moss.

Boulder in action

January Updates

Precisely one month since our end of year summary, so, what have we been up to? With a new year, a new start was long overdue. We're pleased to announce that we've finally shifted our butts over to our own server (again).

While this isn't quite as chunky a news update as the last post, we rather hope you appreciate the regularity of the news.

moss in action