First Post

In a nutshell, this post wasn't meant to be coming out for a few weeks. As it turns out, we had to get ahead of the cat coming out of the bag, and ensure clarity of goals and ambition.

We've got an awful lot of work ahead of us across the next few months and weeks, and we strongly suggest checking out the About page which should answer most questions.

TL;DR This is not your typical user-facing Linux distribution.

So go ahead, check out the About page.

Posts will follow in the coming weeks, introducing the core team. It should be pointed out, internally, we're in a stage1 bootstrap phase, with stage2 ready. Tooling is next on the agenda.

If you're looking for a modern, lightweight, user-friendly, privacy-focused Linux desktop distribution, then you're in the wrong place.

Otherwise, stay tuned for the updates. We know our website is insanely basic, but it will be improved when it becomes a priority. You're more than welcome to join us on #serpentOS on freenode to become part of the community discussion in the mean time.

Til next time.