We have opinions, so we listed some of them.

Serpent OS is building a pioneering new Linux distribution, with a focus on cutting edge technologies in a 100% open source project.

Our aims are to be:

  • Forkable
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Free
  • Joy to use and be a part of


Eventually our plan is to rebrand as ‘Serpent Linux*’ - however we will first need to complete some early donkey work and apply for a sublicense to use the name.

Our logo was kindly contributed by Rıza Türker.

A Pioneering Linux Distribution

As we’re taking a distro-first, compatibility-later approach, our design decisions will allow us to take some bold steps. We’ll also be able to incorporate all of the more sensible design improvements in Linux distribution design over the last decade or so:

  • No more usrbin split
  • Almost entirely clang-built
  • libc++ instead of libstdc++
  • LLVM’s binutils variants (lld, as, etc.)
  • Mixed source/binary distribution
  • Moving away from x86_64-generic baseline to newer CPUs, including Intel and AMD specific optimisations
  • Capability based subscriptions in package manager (Hardware/ user choice / etc)
  • UEFI only for x86_64 hardware. No more legacy boot.
  • Completely open source, down to the bootstrap / rebuild scripts
  • Seriously optimised for serious workloads.
  • Third party applications reliant on containers only. No compat-hacks
  • Wayland-only. X11 compatibility via containers will be investigated
  • Fully stateless with management tools and upstreaming of patches
  • Atomic updates + rollbacks with a seriously powerful package manager
  • Read only rootfs for improved security
  • Live kernel patching
  • Lots, lots more. We’ll blog about it.

Support / Community

Most development discussions happen on our IRC channel, #serpentOS, which can be found on freenode. You can join our Phabricator instance to contribute code, ideas and fixes, or even our GitHub.