Open Access, Open Source

We're building a pioneering new Linux distribution based on modern technologies, enabling stellar features for everyone, without the price tag

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Serpent OS is 100% open source, and forkable to the very core. Want to bootstrap a new architecture? Or respin to meet your own needs? Go ahead! The freedom is yours.


Open source software should empower users to make their own decisions, without getting in their way. This is why Serpent OS is highly extensible, allowing you to create uses we never dreamed of.


We believe that a secure and well functioning operating system shouldn't come at a premium. Our mission is to keep you running, without the hassle.


We're free as in beer, and free as in speech. We promise to make Serpent OS free, forever. You'll never be charged a cent to use or download Serpent OS, and our code will always be open source.


Great software is created through passion. We're building a passionate community around Serpent OS and only ask you enjoy yourself too. We'll do everything we can to ensure a safe, cooperative and fun environment.