Meet the team

Many individuals contribute to Serpent OS, some on a rolling basis and others when the need arises

A further update to this website will list the main contributors to the project

Ikey Doherty

Project Lead / Founder

Ikey is responsible for the development of core tooling to enable a growing community to build Serpent OS and own large parts of it.

Rune Morling

Co-architect / Process guy

Rune has been deeply involved in the low-level design aspects of Linux-based systems for some time. Core project responsibilities include process design.

Aydemir Ulaş Şahin

Infrastructure support / management

A long-time project friend, currently on leave. Upon return responsibilities will again include project management, contribution and infrastructure ownership.

Reilly Brogan

Core contributor

Reilly brings many years experience of working on Linux distributions to the table, easing the bringup-process and coordinating community contributions.