Hot on the heels of yesterday's transition from IRC to Matrix, we're revamping our infrastructure to further enable success for our project.

Recently we heard the company behind Phabricator is winding down operations. We can't really complain, as we used it freely and really appreciated the project while using it.

Going forwards, we decided to collapse the disparity between our code hosting solutions. A major requirement for us is a support for many repositories, namespace nesting, and global overview of issues outside of a specific subproject or repository.

In our testing, only GitLab ticked all the boxes. As such, we've migrated our GitHub projects over to our new, nicely organised, GitLab home.

I've switched our Phabricator instance to read-only, and imported all of our projects, and most of the issues, to the new public GitLab project. It will take a couple of days to get the migration completed, updating submodule URLs, etc, but we've already archived all of our GitHub projects.

Other Items

In keeping with naming consistency, the official Twitter account was renamed to Serpent_OS. Additionally, my shiny new broadband connection will be installed on the 28th of this month, unlocking further development powah.

Peter has been working on a messaging overhaul for the website, which will be launched Fairly Soonish. After that, a visual update will follow. In parallel to this, we'll be putting moss to work.

Repurposing our sponsored server

Fosshost kindly sponsored us very early on with a server to host our Phabricator instance and downloads. For now we'll explicitly repurpose it to be a high speed package and ISO origin for the mirror network, to ensure constant access for clients. Huge thanks to Fosshost for the continued sponsorship!

Posted by ikey