Daaang, what a few weeks. You may remember from our last update I've been doing everything in my power to stabilise the family location and situation.

I'm happy to report that we've been incredibly successful as a family, so we're going live once more.

Mobile Home

Despite lots of delays, and remaining on holidays camps and in hotels for over 4 weeks, our mobile home arrived. It took over a week to get everything sorted, including mounting the TV, curtain brackets + poles, carpets, plumbing, electrics, etc, but it's all done now.

Office Space

It took quite some effort, but I've purchased and built a dedicated office space where I'll be working on Serpent OS daily. As my eldest son has just started full time school, I have considerably more usable hours to do so!

Once the PVC shed was built, my wife and I deep cleaned it, fitted carpet, added a chair and desk, and honestly it's an awesome little workspace. Future plans will involve a dedicated power supply (twin 16A RCD split on mobile home supply), ethernet connection, fans, etc.

This office space is what I was trying to build when I set out with the Office Shed event goal on Open Collective, which we can now finally deem successful.


I've signed up to broadband with ~40mbps min download, ~69mbps average, just waiting for the engineer appointment to install a new master socket.

New day time availability, high speed internet and a dedicated office space will mean drastically improved productivity as well as permitting live streams!

A Huge Thank You

I want to thank you all for your belief in me and patience while my family and I completely reinvented our lives to ensure ongoing stability. It's been only a short few weeks, but in reality we've been trying this continiuously for the last 3 years. At great expense, fiscal and otherwise, it has finally paid off.

Now, as a family we can focus on ourselves again. Professionally speaking, I can lay waste to misconceptions around the projects activity and go whole hog. The ramp up is beginning, and cadence will be restored shortly.

Remember, you can now join us on Matrix to have real time discussions or talk with the team!

Posted by ikey