Migrating to Matrix

Monday, June 14, 2021 - Ikey Doherty (BDFL)

Hello all! Apologies for the long, long delays. I’m writing this blog post in my new office, which will be detailed in a follow up blog post. On with the juicy - we’re migrating to Matrix.

Effective immediately, we’re switching away from our IRC channels to a more modern, streamlined experience, specifically Matrix. Among a few motivations is offline persistence - keeping messages around when you’re not connected.

While this might not seem terribly important to many, not everyone is able or willing to run an IRC bouncer for this purpose. We also want to ensure we have a friendly and accessible way to engage with the team from a variety of OS/device combinations, empowering the team with a level of mobility and stability.

Main Channels

You can find us at #serpentos on matrix.org or in our development channel, #serpentos-dev on matrix.org. We’re already there, and will begin disbanding the IRC channel today.

..There are loads, I really can’t recommend one above another. Due to the nice UX and my epic laziness, I’m quite happy with element

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