Delays Explained

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - Ikey Doherty (BDFL)

Well, we’ve been largely out of action in the public eye for the last 3 weeks, so now the dust is settling it’s time we offered a brief explanation.

During the first part of the past few weeks, my family and I were moving back to Ireland. The expectation was a smooth move and few bumps, however the Real World had significantly different plans.

In the last few weeks, we’ve had scares ranging from worries with baby number 4 (12 weeks today!), to my son being hospitalised, all the way up to my sister being admitted to a Critical Care Unit with an incredibly rare disorder. I won’t go into too many details, but suffice to say whilst we pray for her recovery, it is unknown if she will make it.

Due to the plethora of bad luck, we once again find ourselves living back in the United Kingdom. We’re adapting to the situation, and are hopeful in finding somewhere permanent to stay soon. If you add this to the existing issues of this past few months, we’ve lost and nearly lost too many people, and very narrowly recovered from COVID19 ourselves (along with other problems).

Here’s praying that 2021 rapidly brightens, with fresh hopes emerging this morning of a path away from the hellish last few months. As such I’m making a fresh return to work, with a warning that life can take a turn at any given moment, and a request to please be understanding of current and potential future delays.