Stayin Alive

Sunday, January 31, 2021 - Ikey Doherty (BDFL)

It’s been far too long since a blog post. Sure, we’ve stayed in touch via Twitter but nothing quite beats a proper blog post on the official website. I’m not going to bore or depress you with all the details, but needless to say it has been a rough few months.

But then - who hasn’t had a rough few months? We’re in extremely strange times. The long and short of it is, my family and I are currently recovering from COVID19. After almost a year of doing everything possible to avoid it, SARS-COV2 finally found its way to us.

We’re doing well now, but please do not underestimate the severity of this virus. Stay safe, protect your health workers and your loved ones.

New development rig

Onwards, pls!

For realsies. Time to get back to work. As of this morning, we’re officially back to work.

Yesterday I took the infrastructure offline temporarily in order to upgrade all the things and sneak in a cheeky reboot. As of today, I’ve fully switched to the new development laptop which is using Fedora Workstation 33. It’s a complete ergonomic setup which helps alleviate the symptoms of my carpal + cubital tunnel syndrome (both hands).

I’ve also taken use of the downtime to improve my internet connection, by mounting it in an external shed :) This is permitting 20meg down now, which is perfectly usable for everyday work.

See ya real soon

Lots of work to do, and much fun to be had. Planning on taking it quite easy at first and building myself up, and obviously our initial focus is getting to a point of package-manager controlled filesystem assets, and getting ourselves ready for ISO stages. Stay tuned, we’ll be talking again really soon.